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  1. Raziel

    Server Pvp or Pve

    Exactly what the user said above.
  2. Raziel

    Nerf Please!

    Buenas tardes. I will comment with the developers. Un saludo.
  3. Raziel

    New to the server , some questions

    Good morning 1) The number of English players is not very high but keeps going up. 2) The server tries to maintain the essence of the original, that's the reason the experience is x1. You can try to make dungeons in which experience increases considerably. 3) There are a lot of artifact missions available, you can check if something is being repaired here. 4) Repair as much content as possible to get closer to an experience similar to the original. (Dungeons, Raids, Missions) 5) Do not rule out the possibility of adding more voting modes, I will communicate it to the administrators. A greeting.
  4. Raziel

    World quest tracker

    In this section it is best to communicate in English.
  5. Raziel

    How to change language

    Good afternoon. The user (Selex24) responded correctly. "ruRU" (Russia) "esES" (Spanish) "enUS" (English)
  6. Raziel

    Error #134 on loading screen

    Perfect. Forgive the inconvenience.
  7. Raziel


    First we will have to polish some things of the current version. As soon as the information on the subject comes out, I'll let you know. A greeting.
  8. Raziel

    Report Bug Section ?

    Good morning. There is not yet a section for English speakers. But you can report it here. The missions can report it here.
  9. Raziel


    The English community is growing, hopefully it will continue this way.
  10. Raziel


    Good Morning Yes, it is within the plans. But we do not have an exact date.
  11. Raziel


    Good afternoon. Please insert a catch of the error.