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  1. Are you saying that they are aware of this problem and that they are working to scale down the damage values,if that is true then it is perfect,i can wait.
  2. I really like EpicWoW,very impressive server i have to say and i really enjoyed the gameplay! However there is a problem.Legion dungeons even on normal difficulty are way too hard,we cant kill the first boss on almost every dungeon and some bosses even one shotted well geared tank. Take Firestorm as an example,dungeons are way too easy and you can complete it in a few minutes without any wipes,even on heroic! Please take a look at this issue,because it is way too hard to get gear!
  3. radovicz


    When can we expect Suramar to be populated with NPCs and when will quests be available? Is it in development?
  4. Are you guys sharing the scripts with Uwow,are you guys partnered and make a lot of progress in a small amount of time?
  5. radovicz


    Will Karazhan be available immediately at 7.1.0 transfer?
  6. radovicz


    Are you planning to switch to 7.1 any time soon because i want to see this new Karazhan?
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