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  1. Angels of Darkness is an English Guild here we are allways looking for more players :D We base the guild on being healping each others out some of us are still a bit low in level but we work our way up Our goals to do some raids but all in all to have fun playing :D Pm any members for Invite or try to catch Zaris online
  2. Today Staff where saying a Huge amount of Things with Serverbroadcasting or Server and well dident understand a word :P so kinda why i say it would be nice in English most if to warn the players about things if its need to know :D
  3. I do know theres not that many English players here but when staff/admin Announce Somthing about the server in game Like the AutoBroadcast it would be nice if you guys could do so it said it right after in English ? just so the Eng players knew what was going on to ? Just a thought here :D
  4. Go in to the WTF folder in wow and Open the file EpicWow.wtf and change where it says ruRu or somthing like that to enUS same with the one under it :D
  5. Xarakter (Goblin) Keeps Signing up as a healer Then Either Never Joins the dungeon or Change the party to Raid and then Log out Meaning we have to leave and then we get Dungeon Deserter buff He keeps Doing this over and over Is this allowed
  6. Hey There Ide like to know if the server is Pve or Pvp Becaus lately ive been Flaged for Pvp for just running around in orgrimmar or going outside, even for Entering a Random Dungeon so is the server pve or pvp ?
  7. Also wanna Add Theres no Health Regenerations on any Horde races Warrior Charge Not working mobs ignore it atm http://www.wowhead.com/spell=100/charge
  8. Found a bug at the Goblin Starting area In quest Life of the Party http://www.wowhead.com/quest=14153/life-of-the-party Quest Dosent give you the suit you need to wear to talk to the npc Soz for posting in wrong place but i dont understand rus :P
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