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  1. Hailrake

    Кто Топ из Администрации.

    Слабо в алфавитном порядке их выстроить?)
  2. Hailrake

    Interface folder

    Yea, if you just downloading from Battle.Net, you downloaded the official version of World of Warcraft. Here is unofficial server.
  3. Hailrake

    Interface folder

    Hello! You need download WoW from our Launcher. You can check it here: https://epicwow.com/download/EpicLauncher.exe
  4. Hailrake


    Yes, in development.
  5. Hailrake

    Cтрим на Твитч!

    Если нужна надобность в стриминге, добро пожаловать на лицензионный сервер. При должной раскрутке найдешь аудиторию, и она вполне будет стабильно держаться за счет лицензионной версии игры.
  6. Hailrake

    International forums

    This project was originally created for the Russian speaking people, and the support of the international community is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Maybe the administration will check your message, and you will get your answer for you question, but do not forget, this is a Russian project.
  7. Питомец является Wasp'om. http://www.wow-petopia.com/family.php?id=wasp