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  1. Dummynotl

    An issue with the demon hunter artifact power

  2. Dummynotl

    An issue with the demon hunter artifact power

    xxx And i can't use oblitereum forge because : mission :on fire! dont work (there isnt water to use on fire) and if i use an item on the oblitereum forge, nothing happen
  3. Dummynotl

    An issue with the demon hunter artifact power

    Hello all, i write here because some of russian people are in angry to speak with english people (i dont know why but all or avoid me or begin to talk about america bla bla , guys i'm not an american boy , i speak only in english because is the only way to talk !) So, my problem is : i cant upgrade the weapon artifact knowledge. The npc dont work , i cant start order or buy (in the lower side of demon hunter class hall) I cant upgrade class hall so i cant equip 2x leggendaries. Now i cant deal with most of players that have full artifact unlocked and 2x legendary. Some can help me with this issue? want some screen to see the problem?
  4. Dummynotl


    Soulsister, add me in game, ally player dh :)
  5. Dummynotl


    i'm in horde side ....name Staminchia pm me :)
  6. Dummynotl

    AoD recruiting English players

    hi, ally or horde?? i'm in horde side Staminchia , if some1 have a engl guild pm me :D