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  1. talents are ok now, but artifact weapon is still back to 0
  2. and why my artifact weapon was sent to my mail saying had trouble equipping this item, then when i equip it, ap progression is resetted to start
  3. yesterday it was ok, now when i log i have spells for 2 specs, holy and prot
  4. its ok now, i just needed to set role damage not healer
  5. i am holy pally but cant attack enemies
  6. ty, ill try and farm them. how about intellect cloak?
  7. like how do you get the int rings, neck and trinkets for holy pally
  8. truthguard disappeared in my bag after looting it how to get it back? And why quest is not completed after i return to dalaran?
  9. how i remove this burning animation on my character?
  10. How can Paladin class level 100 get artifact weapon?
  11. how to farm artifact power? And when do rares drop ap again after killing them?
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