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Transition to 7.0.3 Version. Beta Test.

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After a month of hard work on core transition from 7.0.1 alpha to 7.0.3 beta, we have fixed a lot of problems.
It was a rather difficult transition, we had to rewrite the work of a login server for the new protocol. The work with the server's sockets was rewritten completely, new technologies for packet part processing were implemented and this is only a small part of the done work. You may find part of the infromation about the changes here: May changelog

Well, the 7.0.3 core has been stabilized, thus we close 7.0.1 alpha test. the realm will be switched off on the 6th of June. I recommend everyone to download a new 7.0.3 client version and play at the test realm Legion Test 703. You may read how to download a new client here

Enjoy playing!

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