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MMOTOP Voting for Project

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From the 1st of December, 2015 we have been giving rewards in the form of karma points for voting at mmotop.


Why vote?

By voting for our project you raise our server position in mmotop rating. The higher the rank, the more players come to our server from mmotop, thus increasing attendance and a number of simultaneous online players in the game. At the same time, we give out rewards for voting.


How to vote?

1. first of all, you need to log in to mmotop. if you haven't registered - then create an account at mmotop;

2. follow the link and move the slider with your mouse to the right;

3. enter the character name (necessarily!) and choose a realm (game world), where the character is;

4. press the "vote" button.


What's next? When will i receive the reward?

mmotop counts your vote whithin an hour after your voting and basing on the mmotop statistics we gives out karma points to your account.

How much karma points will i receive?

Voting for any realm is rewarded with the same amount of karma points.

Usual voting (not sms) is rewarded with 1 karma point.

Sms voting is rewarded with 2 karma points.

Bonus! Every month from the 1st to the 5th day karma points are doubled. It means, that usual voting will be rewarded with 2 karma points and sms voting with 4 karma points..


How do I know what kind of reward I got for a vote?

After successful charging of the karma points to your account, we send a confirmation letter to the character which was written upon voting via in-game mail. In this letter you will find the data and time of voting, given amount of the karma point and the voting order number. 


What is karma? What should I do with it?

Очки кармы - это альтернативная валюта, за которую можно будет купить некоторые товары в магазине. На данный момент магазин временно не доступен.


I had voted but did not receive the karma points. What should I do?

We credit karma points only on the basis of statistics.

First of all, go to the mmotop personal account to the "votes" section and search for the characters name in statistics and check realm. Then, only two variants are possible:

1. if there is no a character name in the "vote" section, you have to clear up a mess at the mmotop, by writing a ticket;

2. if there is a character name in the "vote" section and a corrected realm is written, then you should create an application. Note that if you mistyped the realm or a nickname the administration won't consider such applications!


How to vote more than once a day?

mmotop gives an opportunity to vote once a day using a usual free way and unlimited number of times by sending payable sms. The price of the sms you may learn after choosing the country and mobile network operator.


How to vote more than once a day without sms?

As you know, it is possible to vote several times a day, using different mmotop accounts and IP-addresses and also the name of the character should not to be repeated. However, it would be great to get reward at the same game account, not to create unnecessary characters. It's not a problem, there is such possibility. You need to use a special character $ for this which should be put at the end of a character's name. For example, you have the name of the character Arthas in the Abyss x1 realm. Upon the first voting you have to write the name of the character Arthas, upon the second voting Arthas$a, then Arthas$1, etc... Everything that goes after the $ does not matter, the main thing is that all the names for the same realm during the day didn't repeat.


What else should I know?

- the character name can be written without considering the case of the characters, ie, character names ArTHaS, arthas, ARTHAS, aRthAs will be equal to Arthas.

- the character name should contain only the following characters: russian letters from A to Z, latin letters from A to Z, and the character$. A maximum of 12 characters. All the other characters are not allowed. If you are going to use the alt codes in the names of the characters, they won't receive the rewards.

- the maximum period from the moment of the vote to the reward receiving - 70 minutes, minimum - 1 minute. It means that after you vote, mmotop will write down your vote to its statistics within 60 minutes which we will process within 10 minutes and credit karma points to your account.

- It may happen that in the server basis ther will be two or more of the same character name. In this case the reward will be given to a character who last entered the game. I.e. to receive a reward for voting you need to specify the name of the character that you play most frequently.

- Mmotop time differs from Moscow for one hour, that's why you'll receive vote reports from the future. Having voted at 14:00 MSK, you will receive a letter within 70 minutes, for example at 14:30, that you got karma points, where the time of your vote will be 15:00.

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