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Forum Punishments

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1) Users are forbidden to impersonate a representative of the administration or in any way allude to it.
2) It is forbidden to insult the server administration directly or indirectly.
3) Perjury, slander, giving false information to the project's administration are strictly forbidden.
4) It is forbidden to distribute malicious programs, links, viruses, etc.
5) It is forbidden to advertise other World of Warcraft projects or mention other projects in order to lure users.
6) Any activity that involves real benefits (selling, buying for real money) is forbidden.
7) Flood, offtop or creating a lot of topics are forbidden.
8) Initiation of ethnic discord is forbidden (initiation requires a clearly expressed incitement to hatred / violence / aggression against any nation / race / ethnicity)
9) It is forbidden to create nicknames that are obscene or similar to those which are of the administration representatives.



1) Выдача за Адм.

2) ОА

3) Обман Администрации

4) РВС

5) Реклама

6) РВ

7) Флуд / оффтоп

8) РМР

9) НН




1) 20 points

2) 20 points

3) 20 points

4) 20 points

5) 20 points

6) 20 points

7) 1 point

8) 10 points

9) 20 points


A system of points is on at the forum. A user will get points for every punishment. The amount of points determines the duration and type of punishment:

1 point       - you are forbidden to publush for 24 hours.

3 points     - you are forbidden to publush for 72 hours.

5 points     - you are forbidden to publush for 120 hours.

10 points   - block of account for 7 days.

20 points  - permanent block of account.

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