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In-game Punishments

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1. Users are forbidden to impersonate a representative of the administration or in any way allude to it.
2. It is forbidden to insult the server administration directly or indirectly.
3. It is strictly forbidden to commit perjury in official forum threads, slander the administration or knowingly provide false information.
4. It is forbidden to use cheat-programms, multiboxing programms, bugs which give some benefits in game, and also dupe.
5. It is forbidden to distribute malicious programs, links, viruses, etc.
6. It is forbidden to advertise other World of Warcraft projects or mention other projects in order to lure users.
7. Any activity that involves real benefits (selling, buying for real money) is forbidden.
8. It is forbidden to gain arena rating or arena points unfairly.
9. Any intentional or unintentional actions which prevent administration representatives from doing their duty are forbidden.
10. It is forbidden to take any valuable gifts from the server administration (except for donations)
11. Initiation of ethnic discord is forbidden (initiation requires a clearly expressed incitement to hatred / violence / aggression against any nation / race / ethnicity)
12. It is forbidden to create obscene nicknames.
13. It is forbidden to create nicnames and guilds which are similar to those which are of the administration representatives.
14. Flood is forbidden. The decision whether you have violated flood rule or not is established by the administration according to its own criteria.




1. Выдача за Адм.
2. ОА
3. Обман Адм.
4. Дюп /МБ/ чит / Бю
6. Реклама
7. РВ
8. Слив арены
9. Помехи Адм.
10. Прописи от Адм.
11. РМР
12. НН
13. ННА
14. флуд (ЧФ) /spamm / спам



1. 30-days ban
2. 30-days ban
3. 30-days ban
4. Dupe (any kind of the items cloning using server vulnerability or cheat-programms) - permanent ban, cheat (usage of the cheat programms for flight, damage etc.) 3-to-14-days ban (anti-cheat - 30-days ban), BU (usage of the server bugs in order to get benefits) 3-to-14-days ban depending on severity. If you violate the rule two (or more) times, GMs have right to give you from 30 to 90 days of ban.
5. Permanent ban
6. 30-days ban
7. The purchase of game values - 30-days ban; sale of game values - Permanent ban; selling off-game items / services - 5000 of mute
8. 14-days ban
9. If you prevent in the text form than it's a from 1000 to 10000 min mute depending on severity. If these are phisical obstructions, you will receive 3-to-14-days ban depending on severity.
10. Permanent ban
11. 7-days ban
12. 3-days ban and forced character rename
13. 14-days ban and forced character rename; 14-days ban the guildmaster and disband guild
14. Punishment is set at GM's discretion - from 1k of mute to 30 days of ban (In rare cases ban can be spread to all accounts on the IP or IP itself).
Attention! Bans from anticheats are not subject to appeal.
The administration has all the rights to change server and forum's rules at any time and without notifying players.

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