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Epic WoW Project Rules

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1.1 Upon registration in the forum or in the game, the user automatically accepts the rules of the server / forum and is responsible for non-compliance.

1.2 Ignorance, disapproval of the server (forum) rules are no excuses for violating them.

1.3 Administration is not responsible for any damages (financial, physical, etc.) as a result of the game (not knowing the rules, unanticipated disruptions) and does not cover it.

1.4 Administration is not responsible for the inability to use the server as a result of failures, technical problems and other reasons. Administration reserves the right not to notify unscheduled outages (reboots) of the servers or the forum.

1.5 Administration reserves the right to make changes in the rules and in terms of penalties for failure to comply with these rules without prior notice .

1.6 Each user has to monitor all the innovations in the project rules, news and so on.

1.7 For any activity from game or forum account is responsible its owner directly.

1.8 The Administration is not obliged to anyone, as well as reserves the right to interfere with the game process if necessary.

1.9 Administration reserves the right not to provide the materials for which the offender has been banned (screenshots, video logs), if the violations was performed more than one month ago. The administration is obliged to submit materials (or part of the materials), because of which the penalty was given, but only to the owner of the offender's account and only in the special theme "Review of punishments".

1.10 Administration has right to stop rendering services to a specific user or subnet at any time if the direct or indirect harm to the server is done.




2.1 Users have the right to register more than one account in the game and on the forum.

2.2 Users have the right to use any character and guild names except for those whch are similar to the administration representatives.

2.3 Users have the right to make voluntary donations to the server, receiving goods or services in the game in gratitude

2.4 Users are forbidden to impersonate an administration representatives or in any way allude to it.

2.5 It is forbidden to insult the server administration in direct or indirect form.

2.6 It is strictly forbidden to commit perjury in official forum threads, slander the administration or knowingly provide false information

2.7 It is forbidden to use cheat-programms, multiboxing programms, bugs which give some benefits in game, and also dupe.

2.8 It is forbidden to distribute malicious programs, links, viruses, etc.

2.9 It is forbidden to advertise other World of Warcraft projects or mention other projects in order to lure users.

2.10 Any activity that involves real benefits (selling, buying for real money) is forbidden.

2.11 It is forbidden to gain arena rating or arena points unfairly.

2.12 Any intentional or unintentional actions which prevent administration representatives from doing their duty are forbidden.

2.13 It is forbidden to take any valuable gifts from the server administration (except for donations)

2.14 Flood, offtop or creating a lot of topics are forbidde.

2.15 Initiation of ethnic discord is forbidden (initiation requires a clearly expressed incitement to hatred / violence / aggression against any nation / race / ethnicity)

2.16 It is forbidden to create obscene nicknames.

2.17 The user has the right to make a complaint about the administration representative (in the appropriate section of the forum), if they consider that wrongful acts were applied to them.

2.18 The user has the right to make a complaint about the player (in the appropriate section of the forum), if there is evidence of their breach.

2.19 Flood is forbidden. Players that interfere with the normal life of the chat will be punished for this violation. The decision whether you have violated flood rule or not is established by the administration according to its own criteria.




3.1 Communication with the administration happens only by means of the in-game tickets or in special section of the forum.

3.2 The administration has the right to ignore any users messages in the PM, general channels or third-party resources (Skype, VK etc.).

3.3 Administration reserves the right not to respond to requests such as "Hey", "Are you here?" "GM to PM" etc, and also to block the chat, if the player is interfering with the administration representatives work.

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