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Good day, dear users.

In this topic, you may leave a complaint about the server administration representatives.


Learn the Epic WoW project rules before leaving a complaint 


Remember, this topic is not a ban revision. You should leave a complaint here only AFTER you have asked for your violation evidences in your realm topic "Bans revision".


You should make a complaint in the following cases:

1. An administration representative prejudged you;

2. An administration representative has a neglectful attitude to duties (for example, haven't considered complaint in time);

3. An administration representative took the liberty to insult the users in game or in the forum;

4. An administration representative went beyond authority (for example, too long sentence was given which doesn't correspond to the rules).


A complaint form:

1. Login, characters nicknames, realm.

2. An administration representative nickname you are leaving a complaint about.

3. Describe the situation: what's wrong with the administration representative.

4. Evidences (screenshots or video). Screenshots should be uploaded to only.


Thank you for your attention and enjoy playing!

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