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21 час назад, WeirdGrimm сказал:

So i did everything right and when i run WowB it takes long time to load and login screen is black. But i maniged to login, but when i enterd realm it crashed. 


Error 134 can occur if the data files are missing or corrupted. Db files (DataBase files) are files created by World of Warcraft to cache data retrieved from its game servers. The data inside is ordered from first to last downloaded.

1.  Make sure that you have downloaded and configured the client correctly. The link to the client is http://torrentu.biz/details.php?id=26 .   Remove a torrent of distributions from torrent or transfer the game to another folder. Add the game to antivirus exceptions. Open the right-click properties of the game folder and uncheck the attribute "read only", apply to all folders and files inside. Run WowB.exe with the administrator’s  rights.

2. In some instances, outdated video, motherboard and sound card drivers may cause the game to crash. Update your drivers.

3. Advanced troubleshooting:

  1. Bad or failing memory may cause the game to fail to read files properly. Run the Memory Diagnostic Tool to detect any memory issues. 

  2. Run a ScanDisk and Defrag to resolve any any file system or hard drive issues that may cause the game to crash.

4. If the issue persists,  download  the game client once more http://torrentu.biz/details.php?id=26 .

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Maybe this is a problem with the language selection. When modifying the file epic.wtf language to Italian there is the same error. Try to select English and start the game. The same error 

It may be the problem with the it.pak.

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